Consign Crane

All Cranes are Australia’s leading crane consignment company.
We have a huge network that spans the whole nation and when you decide to sell your crane, we can help you find an interested buyer faster than anyone else.

The Crane Consignment Process

The process for consigning your crane with All Cranes is quick and simple. Start by filling in the form below, providing as much information about the machine as possible as well as multiple images.

Once we receive and have assessed your enquiry, we’ll decide whether we wish to consign or purchase your crane; if successful your crane will be uploaded to our website and featured on our marketing channels such as our ‘Shout Email’ and Facebook page. While your crane is consigned with us we will forward you every single offer that is made.

Our Photo Guide

As the old saying goes, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. At All Cranes, we like to present our consigned equipment to the best of our abilities and photos play a big role in achieving it.

Before filling the form below, make sure you read our photo guide.

Instructional Photo Guide Video

Crane Consignment Form