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Choose from our selection of cranes when you're looking for a pick and carry crane for sale. At All Cranes, we make it our mission to always have an excellent selection of pick and carry cranes available for our customers.

We specialise in quality used cranes so that our customers can find affordable solutions for their businesses. As a highly manoeuvrable crane option, pick and carry cranes are one of the most popular options. They are small and available in a range of sizes, from those capable of lifting just a few hundred kilos to those capable of lifting 25t.

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What Is a Pick and Carry Crane?

A pick and carry crane is a type of small crane that is designed to lift, move and place loads. They are generally capable of lifting up to 25t but often take smaller weights and can be fairly small in size.

Some small pick and carry cranes might be suitable for indoor use, in warehouses for example, while larger options are suitable for using outdoors. A pick and carry crane doesn't require an outrigger, which makes it easy to set up. They have an articulated frame and flexible steering to make them a flexible option.

Benefits of Pick and Carry Cranes

Using a pick and carry crane offers a number of important benefits. They are a style of crane that can come in a wide range of sizes, from the very smallest to larger cranes that can lift heavier weights. This choice means that it's easy to select that size that works best for your needs.

They can quickly navigate roads, making it simple to get them from one place to another, and they have flexible steering to fit easily into tighter spaces. Strong and easy to operate, they can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Our Pick and Carry Cranes

We can offer you a diverse selection of pick and carry cranes to help you make the right choice. Our used cranes include brands such as Terex Franna, Tidd, Humma to ensure you have access to some of the most respected makes in the industry.

All of our pick and carry cranes have transparent information about their condition and specs so that you can see what's on offer. We can help you to choose the pick and carry crane that works for you if you tell us about what you're looking for.

Browse Our Pick and Carry Cranes

We have some of our pick and carry cranes listed below so that you can choose the best product. Our used cranes have an easy purchase process with just five steps, so you can quickly and efficiently buy the crane that you require.

Take a look at any of the individual cranes available by clicking on the images to reveal products specifications and descriptions, as well as additional photos. Get in touch to enquire about any of the cranes that interest you, whether by filling in a form on the site, emailing or giving us a call.

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