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Not all cranes are suitable for using around built-up areas or residential/commercial spaces. When there is less space to move, a large and bulky crane isn't likely to be suitable. Fortunately, a city crane is ideal when faced with a restricted space or trying to navigate through ordinary streets. They are compact and easy to steer, offering an excellent option for urban environments.

All Cranes brings you a range of used city cranes for sale so that you can save money on essential equipment. If you need a city crane, we have makes such as Tadano and Kato to bring you some of the best in the business.

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What Is a City Crane?

A city crane is built to be compact with easy to handle steering so that it is suitable for inner-city use and other projects where more restricted access is required. They are easy to manoeuvre and feature all-wheel steering so that they can be driven through city streets and similar areas.

A city class crane has a small chassis with a long boom so that it can reach tight spaces. They are generally capable of lifting smaller weights of under 20t.

Benefits of Selecting a City Crane for Sale

City cranes can offer you several benefits for urban projects and others where space might be difficult to navigate. Their compact size and all-wheel steering means that they can navigate spaces that other cranes are too large for.

Many city cranes are able to fit into very tight spaces and they can also move over more difficult terrain.

Our City Cranes for Sale

We always have a choice of city class cranes to offer our customers a selection of quality used products. Some of the brands that we regularly feature include Kato, Tadano and Kobelco, some of the best brands available. Our used city cranes give you a range of choices, with different sizes and weight capacities for you to consider.

We can help you to navigate what's available and find the right crane to fit your requirements. We have new options listed on the site all the time to ensure there is always a selection of city cranes to consider.

Choose a City Crane for Sale

You can get in touch with us to enquire about any of the city cranes we have listed. Take a look at the product specs for any crane by clicking on its image. You can also view more photos to check the condition of a crane that you think might serve your needs.

It's easy to fill out our enquiry form to request more information, or you can quickly get in touch with us by calling (07) 3180 2870. We can help you to narrow down your choices and decide which crane could work for you.

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