What You Need to Know About Crane Finance

To get the best out of your crane loan, you should consider how you will use your crane. You should also consider each of the goals you are trying to achieve.

Some businesses might require a shorter-term lease allowing them to keep up with new and changing technologies. Others may prefer to outright own their crane.

The better the financing deals you can get the more likely you can get new or close to new cranes. These offer lower risks, and lenders will pass that low risk on by lowering the interest rates you will pay.

Finance Calculator

Use this calculator to get an estimate on repayments

Finance Calculator Slider v.2

Please note this is not an offer for finance and all applications are subject to full legal and credit approval. Figures displayed in the calculator do not include fees and establishment charges. The rates used in the calculation are purely indicative and may not represent your true lending capacity or final outcome. This calculator does not take into account your personal or business situation and should not be used in making a financial decision. All Cranes does not accept any responsibility for any persons who rely on the information generated by this program.