Franna Cranes

Pick and carry cranes are a popular type of crane, and Franna cranes are one of the most popular choices. While Franna no longer exists as an independent company, their cranes are still extremely popular and there are still many used Franna cranes available.

Many of the pick and carry cranes that come to us are Franna cranes, and we are proud to sell them to their new owners. We help our customers to discover the right crane for their needs, with a wide range of options available to choose. A Franna crane could be right for you and we can assist with making your choice.

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What Is a Franna Crane?

Franna is a company that was bought out by Terex in 1999. Although it is no longer an independent company, there are many used Franna cranes on the Australian market. Some newer cranes are also branded under Terex Franna.

A Franna crane is a type of pick and carry crane, designed to lift, move and place loads. They are available in a variety of different sizes, from 10 to 40 tonne options. This makes them different to many other pick and carry cranes, which often only go up to 25t.

Benefits of Franna Cranes

If you're looking for a used Franna crane for sale, it can deliver a number of great benefits. Franna cranes are particularly mobile and have been designed to travel well on public roads. This means that they can independently move between job sites, rather than having to be carried in using another vehicle.

They offer a choice of sizes, giving you a more flexible selection. Because Franna cranes have been so popular in Australia, you will usually be able to discover a broad choice of used products to choose from. We always have plenty of them available to purchase.

Our Franna Cranes for Sale

You will always be able to find some Franna cranes available to buy from All Cranes. We can help you to decide which model and size could be suitable for your requirements. We generally have a number of different models that offer various benefits, as well as different ages.

Many of our Franna cranes are from after the brand was bought by Terex, with many being only around 10 years old. When you want to find a second hand Franna crane for sale, we can make your task easy.

Browse Franna Cranes for Sale

Some of our Franna pick and carry cranes are listed on our website so that you can see what's available. Click on any of the images to see details about a product and read the description and specifications. You can also see photos of each of the listed products to view the condition of the crane.

To ask any questions or find out more about the cranes that we have available, get in touch by sending an enquiry or call us on (07) 3180 2870. We can help you find the right Franna crane and talk you through the purchase process.